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Since 1992 bringing comfort and leisure to our guests!

Inaugurated on December 24, 1992, Pousada Dom Manuel has a history of 30 years of tradition, commitment and seriousness in serving its guests. 

Being one of the first inns in the city, and currently one of the oldest, it is still managed by its founders, Seu Tião and Dona Graça.

The name of the Pousada, despite referring to the King of Portugal, Dom Manuel, was a tribute to Seu Tião's father, Manoel da Silva Louzada. 

As of 2017, with the acquisition of the former Solar de Brasília hotel, the facilities now have a delicious swimming pool, with a bar structure, with a large closed parking lot, and also with a large breakfast room, also guaranteeing more comfort for guests.  

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